This is a petition and public movement to encourage democratic governments to implement the global ionospheric-based wireless energy system originally designed and successfully beta-tested by Nikola Tesla.

This energy system will provide emissions-free power worldwide without relying on oil or any other source of bio-energy. Tesla knew during his time — as the scientific establishment does today — that our earth's ionosphere can be used to safely conduct and transmit energy. Tesla's work dates to circa 1889 to 1905 including his work in Colorado Springs, CO and the Wardenclyffe Tower Project in Shoreham, Long Island, NY.

The scarcity-of-energy dynamic that human civilization has toiled with up to today will be eclipsed by this state-owned multi-nation financed energy and global infrastructure development. We encourage all citizens to actively educate their elected and emerging leaders about this definitive solution to energy security, as it is the responsibility of energy-dependent nations to implement this on behalf of their citizens and home economies.

For a complete review of Tesla's ionospheric-based energy system please read Harnessing the Wheelwork of Nature.

Nikola Tesla is arguably the most important inventor spanning the last two centuries. He discovered binary code, AC power and many other crucial principles that have guided science ever since. Tesla powered the 20th century, is enabling the 21st, and has posthumously provided us with the wireless lives we are so reliant on today. It is widely understood that his work will yield society much more — as he knew — and safely advance our civilization beyond our current limitations.

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